Geisha Chronicles: Exploring ‘Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san

Have you read or watched”舞妓さん家のまかないさん” (“Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san”)? It’s a popular manga and anime series in Japan.

The story follows Kiyo, who arrives in Kyoto from Aomori with her childhood friend, Suu, to become Maiko. 

They join an okiya, which serves not only as their living quarters but also trains apprentices, known as “shikomi-san,” to become accomplished Maiko and support them when they debut or become independent as Geiko.

Kiyo eventually becomes the okiya’s cook (”makanai-san”), while Suu pursues her dream of becoming a maiko. 

The narrative depicts the daily lives and relationships of women working in the geisha world.

I watched the drama on Netflix, where you can experience the essence of Japanese seasons through everyday life and meals. 
Seasonal tsumami kanzashi worn by the maiko also play a significant role in various scenes.

Even though the storyline isn’t particularly dramatic, the depiction of Japan’s seasons and the beauty of the tsumami kanzashi make it a recommended watch. It’s enjoyable to spot the subtle placement of tsumami kanzashi in the okiya where the characters live, adding to the overall beauty of the series.

New Year Kanzashi “Plum and Pine” Technical level: Middle~

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