Tips to cut the fabrics in square

Making tsumami is fun, but preparing them is hard work.
The biggest labor is cutting the cloth. Cutting pieces of cloth in the same size may not be easy if you are not used to it.  But once you get the tips, you can always cut it straight and nice!

So, how do you cut the cloth?
 Let me introduce the tools I use for cutting and the process.
First, the tools.
You will need a cutting mat, a ruler, and a rotary cutter.

A suitable ruler is a metal ruler with a non-slip grip on the back.
This will allow the cloth to be cut straight without shifting.

Next, a roller cutter. I use a straight 45 mm circle cutter. I think this size is easy to use. The blade becomes less sharp after a while of use, so it is better to change it frequently.

If you use one that is hard to cut, you may get fabric fraying.
It is easier to use a cutting mat that can measure at least 5 mm intervals.

Originally, craftsmen makes tsumami by changing the size of cloth in 2㎜ intervals. To measure the cloth precisely, we use this kind of masking tape that has measurement.

1. The key to a fine cut is to flatten the cloth flat and straighten it out.
2. Hold the ruler firmly with your hand to prevent the cloth from shifting.
3. Do not hesitate to pull the cutter all at once. 

Keep these three points in mind!
Check out a short video on YouTube.

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