Chirimen and Habutae are two main fabrics for Tsumami zaiku in Japan.

1. Chirimen

Silk or rayon crepe with a distinctively crisp, crimped appearance. It is mainly used for high-class clothing and silk crepe is widely used for kimonos.

Cute and plump finish for Tsumami zaiku and it is easy textile for beginners to use.


Sample of Chirimen cloths

Sample of Chirimen Tsumami


2. Habutae

It is a fine silk fabric that represents Japan and has a good touch and is the highest grade as a lining for Japanese clothes.

Since habutae is extremely thin silk, elegant and noble finish for Tsumami. Appropriate for advanced level starch glue method.


Sample of Habutae cloth

Sample of Habutae Tsumami


3.How to Cut the fabric

It is difficult to cut chirimen and other fabrics into squares. Please refer to this video.