about us

Our Mission

To preserve the tradition of traditional Tsumami, and furthermore to inherit to the next generations, we offer new ways of enjoying Tsumami.

Sharing Japanese Traditional Craft Work to the World

The Japanese word “Wa(和)” has the meaning of“something good, something joyful”.“Wa” can only find its value by sharing it with others. Even if country and cultures differ, things we find beautiful and comfortable are endearing no matter who you are. We want people all over the world to enjoy the Japanese traditions, in a way that it suits their respective country.

Change from “Made in Japan” to “Roots from Japan”

Tradition is essentially inherited by innovation. Through connection between people and exchange of warm feelings via craft work, accompanied by delightful experiences, we want to create a connection beyond the border.

Sharing the “good” and the “joyful”

Let’s share the fun!
knot Japan President   Tomomi Yamashita