When you have a chance to come to Japan, check the list of shops and places to visit!

◆Tokyo: Place to visit

1. Tsumami kanzashi Museum (you can see the master’s kanzashi)

2. Sata Tsumami-ga Museum (Museum of Tsumami pictures)

3. Kushi Kanzashi Museum (Museum of comb kanzashi, 400 pieces of art collections)

4. Nippori Senigai (Biggest fabric town in Tokyo, where you can find Chirimen fabrics)

5. Okadaya (arts and crafts fabric and material shop)

◆Kyoto: Place to visit

1. Kazurasei Kyoto (Kanzashi, comb, camellia oils, and cosmetics shop)

2. Oharibako (Tsumami kanzashi shop and workshops)

3. Kintakedo (Traditional kanzashi shop)

◆Tokyo and other regions: SHOPS 

1.Kiwaseisakujyo (Accessory parts shop)

2. Senba Center Building (Textile and fashion shops, you can get Chirimen fabrics)

◆Online Schools and Shops

1. Tsumami kanzashi School Online (Online school for traditional tsumami zaiku)

2. Chirimenbunny (Online shop of tsumami zaiku materials)