Starch glue method

This traditional starch glue method is historical craftsmanship technique.

1. About starch glue

With low water content. Is very adhesive to make fine Tsumami. Glue must be kneaded before use. Need 1 day to dry.

2. How to knead starch glue

✓Soak wood board and wet spatula.
✓Place some glue on wood board.

✓ Knead glue with spatula till it gets smooth and shiny. Kneading glue makes soft and adhesive.
✓ Spread glue evenly from the edge of wood board.

✓ Chirimen fabric: 2mm thick, Habutae fabric: 1~1.5mm thick) *depends on fabric size.

3. The process of making Tsumami

✓ Pinch and fold and make petals.

✓ Soak in bottom part of petals into the glue.

✓ Rest for about 15 min. in the glue. (resting time depends on types of fabric)

✓ Put some glue on surface of the base.

✓ Pick up petal one by one and place them on the base.

✓ Once all the petals are on the base, equalize center part and adjust petals.

✓ As the glue does not dry immediately, you can take time to adjust.