History of Tsumami-zaiku vol.1

From Fusajiro Yoshioka, Women’s Art And Crafts of Tsumami-zaiku, 1914


Although Tsumami-zaiku has been a traditional craft for more than 200 years, there are less information of the history and traditional techniques because there is almost no literature left today. Therefore, accurate history and techniques of Tsumami-zaiku have not been conveyed, so traditional techniques have been scrapped, and misinformation about their origins has spread.

Under such current situation, there is valuable literature, “Women’s Art And Crafts of Tsumami-zaiku“, 1914 written by Mr. Fusajiro Yoshioka who was a teacher of the girl’s school.

Tsumami-zaiku artist Mr. Riho, showed us this valuable literature saying, “Please state it to people all over the world in order to preserve the history and techniques of correct Tsumami-zaiku and pass it on to future generations.” As a matter of fact, this is treasury information we want to share.

 Tsumami-zaiku was well known in Japan from1901 (Meiji era). Onari Yoshioka, a teacher who has been teaching at number of girls’ schools, strongly felt the need for handicraft education, he also opened classes at his home and worked to develop Tsumami-zaiku. In the Meiji era, the Ministry of Education at that time also issued a decree on women’s handicraft education, and Tsumami-zaiku spread as one of the handicrafts.

However, while later, Onari Yoshioka unfortunately died of illness. Since there was no book of Tsumami-zaiku, Fusajiro Yoshioka inherited his will, and left it as a book.

We would like to share this valuable book to you, taking this as our mission. However, this book is written in classical Japanese and it is slightly difficult to understand, we will summarize it to make it easy to read.

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