Kids Tsumami Workshop in France

<Kids workshop for Azuki Bunko Versailles>

Hello I am Naoko Noguchi, ITA Certified Teacher in France.

On 10th March, I held a kid’s workshop for Azuki Bunko Versailles.
Azuki bunko is an organization that organizes a kids’ library once a month for Japanese kids living around Versailles.
They also organize a kids’ workshop once every two months.

This is a great opportunity for Japanese kids living in France to access many Japanese books or also to learn Japanese culture through the workshops.

This month I introduced Tsumami Zaiku to the kids. Since there were around 20 kids and the kids’ ages were mainly small(2-5 years old), I chose a method that kids hold the clothes with their hands without using tweezers.This is not an official method for Tsumami Zaiku but I believe that it is enough to let kids know the basic principle and the charm of Tsumami Zaiku and how fun the Tsumami Zaiku is.

For my workshop, I prefer kids or my students to choose the colors for their Tsumami Zaiku flowers themselves since I think this is one of the most fun processes when we make Tsumami Zaiku. This time even though there were many kids at the workshop, I asked them to choose the colors.

The kids were quite excited to see the many clothes and I was happy to see the kids’ faces.The kids chose the colors intuitively and I was amazed at how they did it. Finally, many flowers bloomed on their small hands!!

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