There are three basic methods to make Tsumami. Traditional method is “Starch glue method” and this method is used by generations of artisans. “Craft glue method” is popular among recent Tsumami zaiku artists. “Sewing method” is new method which is useful for fabrics that can not use glue.

For each making process, please refer to the following pages .

        1. starch glue method
        2. craft glue method
        3. sewing method

1. Traditional Starch Glue Method

Using starch glue

Using starch glue is the traditional way of making Tsumami.

Since this glue is not quick-drying, you can adjust petals easily.

Example using starch glue method: Habutae Dankiku (Silk Chrysanthemum)

You can make small and multi layered petals with very sensitive silk cloth by using Starch glue method.

2. Craft Glue Method

Using craft glue

Craft glue method is new way of making Tsumami.

You can make and store petals one by one with craft glue.

Example: Layered ken-tsumami

You can show sharp appearance by using craft glue method.

3. Sewing Method

Sewing Tsumami

Sewing method is suitable for fabrics which glue does not adhere.

Very effective for making big petals. It is strong and durable.

Example : Puku-Ume
(Plump Plum)

You can make this cute stuffed petals using sewing method!