Arrangement of Tsumami-zaiku and dried flowers using “Sonnenglas ® “

Workshop of Tsumami-zaiku and dried flowers arrangement using sonnenglas  was held at “hana Recipe Salon Selene”

Sonnenglas ® is a solar LED light developed in South Africa which often has power failure. Not only solar energy, it can be also charged by USB, excellent thing is that it can light up more than 24 hours in full charge!
It is carefully produced one by one by local staff employed in the fair-trade system in South Africa with a turnover rate of more than 40%.

The workshop started by making Tsumami-zaiku flowers.The color of Tsumami-zaiku flowers are basically red and white.

It was the first time for participants to make Tsumami-zaiku, but everyone is very good and very polite. The petals on the wood board are also neatly aligned.

After finishing Tsumami-zaiku flowers, choose favorite dried flowers and put them in the Sonnenglas.

And then, put Tsumami-zaiku flowers in the center of the Sonnenglas, and decorate adding dried flowers to finish.

Each arrangement has their own personality depending on the choice of Tsumami-zaiku flowers and dried flowers. It was all beautifully done!

It was surprising momment that Japanese traditional craft matches this environmentally friendly Sonnenglas. They both makes people smile. I believe there are more ways to enjoy Tsumami-zaiku

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