Thank you so much for joining our Tsumami workshop from Philippines!

I totally immersed myself in the workshop and find out that it is
really a very intricate form of art.

We provide Tsumami workshop in English.
You can experience Japanese traditional techniques. Come and join!!

This week, a man in his 20s participated alone!

He took the “One day traditional Tsumami workshop” course.
✓Target skill level: From beginners~
✓Activity time: two lessons, a total of four hours (one-hour lunch break included).

*lesson1: Maru-tsumami “Shikishi” (Japanese wall decoration)
*lesson2: Ken-tsumami “kanzashi”(hair ornament)

Believe or not, this was his first time to make traditional Tsumami!

One-day traditional Tsumami workshop” course contains;

a. Small lecture about historical Tsumami-kanzashi, traditional tools, and materials.
b. Learning two basic techniques, “Maru-tsumami”(round type figure) and “Ken-tsumami”(sharp-pointed figure).
c. Learning how to make “Fuji-sagari” (Tsumami petals forming a Japanese wisteria

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