Collaboration workshop with Italian cuisine!

In the Italian cooking class “Studio Cara Mamma” in Tokyo, We had a collaboration lesson with Italian-style Japanese new year dishes.

First, made two tsumami and arranged this into a napkin ring.
Next, we also made a pick using Mizuhiki, the traditional Japanese craft.

The menu was for A New Year’s celebration, Italian-style Japanese New Year dishes(Osechi ryori/cuisine).
I was totally surprised at the new usage of balsamic vinegar! It can be used instead of sushi vinegar.

● White balsamic vinegar-ed sushi

● Marinated Octopus
● Marinated blue fish
● Italian Date-maki roll (with ricotta cheese, salmon and spinach roto)
● Kinpira-gobo with balsamic vinegar
● Pinchos with Mizuhiki pick

Since it was the first time for all participants to make tsumami, I heard them saying “So cute !!” when they choose the color of Chirimen cloths.
There seemed to be many people who chose red and white because it was for the New Year.
Their tsumami was so perfect that I couldn’t imagine this was their first time.

Tsumami is very useful for coordinating the dishes!
And it fits perfectly into Italian colors and tablewares. Please try it out!

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