New Year’s and Tsumami-zaiku

“Nengajyo” is a New Year`s card Japanese write for greetings which are delivered on New Year’s Day.

Usually have pictures of the zodiac sign of the year or sign of good luck like sunrise and Mt.Fuji.

Tsumami-zaiku can be a good item for “Nengajyo” since it is mainly used for kanzashi (Japanese traditional hair ornament for kimonos) which is worn on the occasion of celebration.

Ladies and girls used to wear kimono and Tsumami-kanzashi for New Years so Tsumami-zaiku was something taken for granted for Japanese.

But nowadays, the Japanese lifestyle changed to western-style and Tsumami-kanzashi became less known.

Hopefully, this website will be worthwhile to preserve the tradition of Tsumami-zaiku.

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