Proposal to restaurant: New usage of Tsumami

There are many ways to utilize Tsumami. This was a proposal for a restaurant and hotel using Tsumami that was presented at the event, sponsored by the Consulate-General of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in March 2019.

Tsumami was used for the image of the national flag of four countries is expressed in the table coordinates. Vietnam, Japan, Italy and France.



Tsumami accessories are made for staff of the restaurant and the hotel.

Pins for men, and hair band and earrings for women. If all staff wears this, it will be attention grabbing to customers and may lead to nice conversations.

There is something in common between Japanese hospitality and gentle handiwork of Tsumami. Japanese hospitality can be expressed by wearing delicate and beautiful art which has 200 years of history.

By all means, I would like to see this idea happening in many restaurants and hotels.

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