History of Tsumami-zaiku vol.3

From Fusajiro Yoshioka, Women’s Art And Crafts of Tsumami-zaiku, 1914

Chapter 1. Getting started with Tsumami-zaiku

This whole book is just like a textbook for Tsumami-zaiku. It has all the details such as various materials, tools, types of techniques, practical training to make many types of goods (flower kanzashi, purse, photo stand, pillar hanging (decoration of pillar), fan, postcard, bookmark, etc.) and so on.

In this first chapter, the author Fusajiro Yoshioka, strongly appeals to the importance of learning and making Tsumami-zaiku from the basics. By acquiring the basics, you will be able to make complex Tsumami-zaiku, which is what Ms. Kinuyo Tomura, who is a current Tsumami-zaiku artisan, has repeatedly said.

In this book, you will find a diagram of how to fold cloths, how to dye cloth to make certain flowers, and it also have an appendix with the dimensions of the work. Mr. Yoshioka said in this book, “As this book is well-written and composed from beginners to advanced, by reading and learning step by step, all the works can be completed.”  His statement is obvious that he had confidence to this book.

Whatever you do, the basics are important, and it is always the same even the times changed. By reading this first chapter, you can recognize it is a book filled with affection of Mr. Yoshioka who loved Tsumami-zaiku and tried to spread it.

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