The introduction of the Artist vol.4 “Ly Thanh Phuong”

The famous Tsumami-zaiku artists will talk about their thoughts about Tsumami-zaiku.

The fourth one is Ms. Ly Thanh Phuong, she is actively promoting Tsumami-zaiku in Vietnam.


2014: Started working part-time at “TSUMAMIDO” Tsumami-zaiku professional shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo Japan.
2016: Back in Vietnam, produced and managed the materials of Tsumami-zaiku and exported them to Japan.
2017: Stayed in Japan for three months for technical training of Tsumami-zaiku.
2018: Three months of stay in Japan for technical training again.
2019: Run workshops and events in Vietnam to introduce and teaching Vietnamese, foreigners, etc.

Q1. How did you start working on Tsumami-zaiku? (Or did you get involved?)

I had been interested in Japan for a long time, so when I was studying Japanese language in Japan, I started working part-time at “TSUMAMIDO” (professional Tsumami-zaiku shop.

Q2. What are your commitments to your work and what do you care about?

When I make my artwork, I make it carefully one by one because I want clients to be pleased.

Q3. What is the attractiveness of Tsumami-zaiku for you?

This traditional craft, which has been going on for more than 200 years, is very attractive in an age full of things.
The use of Tsumami-zaiku used in various occasions than it used to be. This is the reason I am so attracted to it.

Q4. What do you think about the future possibilities of Tsumami-zaiku?

From 2018, we collaborated with The Traditional Vietnamese costume Aodai to hold an event. I believe that there will be more and more collaborations with traditional crafts in other Asian countries, also in Europe etc.

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