Learning traditional Tsumami in Hong Kong!

Mercy Mak is officially qualified as teacher of Tsumami-zaiku Association in Japan.
Her class finally started.

After finishing all courses, you will have chance to go to Tokyo to get certified teacher’s degree for Tsumami-zaiku Association.

If you are in Hong Kong and China, willing to learn and take a degree of traditional Tsumami technique, contact ATENA.

  • Email : athena_hk@yahoo.com
  • Instagram : athena_wisdom_beauty
  • Facebook : @AthenaWisdomAndBeauty Address
  • Shop : 1A, LG/F Victory Building, 3 Tsing Min Path, Tuen Mun. N.T.
  • Telephone : (852 ) 5511 0050 Mercy Mak

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