July 3rd is “Tsumami-zaiku Day”

Every year, “Tsumami-zaiku ICHIRINDO”, the Tsumami-zaiku specializing shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo pray for the future development, succession of Tsumami-zaiku and people who are involved in this traditional craft.

Front : Mrs. Kinuyo Tomura, the master artisan. Back: Teachers of ICHIRINDO

“Tsumami-zaiku Day” was officially established in 2016 by Masayuki Takahashi, the founder of “TSUMAMIDO” (previous shop of ICHIRINDO) and chief priest of Asakusa Shrine. Mr. Takahashi who passed away in 2019, was so passionate about preserving this beautiful craft, the chief priest of Asakusa Shrine was touched by his passion and gave full support for prosperity of Tsumami-zaiku.

This year, due to the influence of corona virus, all parties were not able to attend this ceremony. Therefore, by the special arrangement of the chief priest of Asakusa Shrine, the state of worship was delivered online.

The dedication of Asakusa Shrine was held by Mrs. Kinuyo Tomura, the great master of Tsumami-zaiku.  She performed the technique by making crane, which has a meaning that brings fortune. Also, celebratory speech was read out by Shinto priest of Asakusa Shrine to the people who participated online.

Dedicated crane
Here is the Video of the dedication

It was precious moment for the people who is involved in Tsumami-zaiku, and hope this worship will continue every year.

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