Introducing the new ITA Certified Teacher in Indonesia!


Many people from around the world are willing to learn the traditional techniques of tsumami zaikuto to be certified teacher.
Pricilla Yoga Ratnapalasari from Indonesia became an ITA-certified teacher!

Pricilla is so passionate about learning the traditional tsumami zaiku and she came all the way to Tokyo to learn everything after the border is open after the Covid. She took lessons for about a week every day to complete all the assignments.

She has been working as an artist in Indonesia and her creations are very meticulous and soft images. So it’s for sure she will spread this beautiful tradition throughout Indonesia!


Below is a message from her:

“Ever since I was young I have loved Japanese pop cultures, such as anime and manga. Japanese traditional clothing such as kimono and hakama always have a special spot in my heart. One day I got the chance to buy a yukata, but then I realized something is missing… a hairpiece, kanzashi. I started researching the many types of kanzashi, and I fell in love with Tsumami Zaiku kanzashi.

The intricate design, the meticulous process, the meanings behind every ornament, it’s just perfect!” More information about her


ITA Official Teacher is a person who agrees with ITA(International Tsumami zaiku Association)’s philosophy and has the will to carry on and develop the traditional Japanese tsumami zaiku techniques, and has reached the standards of the traditional techniques.

Teachers promote tsumami zaiku through various activities such as creation and sales, workshops, and other activities as artists and instructors in various countries.

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