Tsumami-zaiku will appeal at FLOWER STREET exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

From February 9 to 15, 2021, there will be an exhibition called “FLOWER STREET” on Nguyen Hue Street in Ho Chi Minh City. Consulate Generals of various countries in Ho Chi Minh City will decorate the street with the flowers of their countries and introduce them to visitors.

This year, at the booth of the Japanese Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City, decided to introduce “Tsumami-zaiku” as Japanese flowers instead of fresh flowers. Nguyen Hue Street is Ho Chi Minh City’s main street, a pedestrian zone stretching 670 meters from the Saigon River to the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee building. Every year during the Vietnamese New Year’ s Day (Tet Holiday), many people come to celebrate the New Year by wearing ao dai, the traditional costume of Vietnam, and taking pictures with many flowers. The opportunity to be introduced here as a Japanese flower is an exceptional opportunity to let Vietnamese people know more widely about Tsumami-zaiku.

For this exhibition, professors of Tsumami-zaiku Association exhibited their works as a representative and ICHIRINDO (Tsumami -zaiku shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo) cooperated the event.

Here is the message from them….

“In order to keep the traditional culture of tsumami-zaiku lasting for a long time, it is necessary to be recognized not only in Japan but also in the world. The culture of wearing tsumami-zaiku for the Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) festival and the coming-of-age ceremony is almost unknown outside of Japan, even though people know about maiko.”

“We are delighted that this exhibition will be a big step in realizing our philosophy of making tsumami-zaiku a major part of culture. We would like to express sincere gratitude to the Consulate-General of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City for their efforts in organizing this exhibition, and also like to congratulate the people of Vietnam on the occasion of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year with the Japanese spirit of affection in the form of tsumami-zaiku.”

Tsumami zaiku ICHIRINDO,       Professors of Tsumami zaiku Association