Tsumami Zaiku Delights at Comics Art Expo 2023 in Singapore

ITA certified teacher 006, Juveina Sim from Singapore, recently attended the Comics Art and Sci-Fi Expo at Singapore Science Center on 16 – 17 September 2023 to share about tsumami zaiku.

“Comics Art and Sci-Fi Expo is a futuristic event for fans of comics, movies, animation, games, and cosplay presented by the Singapore Cosplay Club and Science Centre Singapore.  Enter a world beyond reality and where your imagination knows no boundaries.”

Juveina gave presentations, conducted workshops, and held a mini exhibition showing her tsumami zaiku works.

The topics of her presentations are “Chapter 1: Tsumami Zaiku by Jing – An Introduction to the traditional Japanese craftwork used in making Kanzashi” and “Chapter 2: Tsumami Zaiku by Jing – The journey to a completed work”. She spoke to the audience about the history of tsumami zaiku, how she learn with the help of Tsumami Kanzashi Online School, and shared about my original designs. She also presented about the materials and process of making tsumami kanzashi.


Juveina’s mini exhibition showcased a mix of school coursework and original designs, and some space was also set aside to display some ochirin, different materials of maru-tsumami and ken-tsumami, sagari etc to help people understand the work that makes tsumami kanzashi.


Many people attended the workshop sessions. Some even came back second time, and also expressed interest to continue doing tsumami zaiku after the event. This is great news!

The purpose of the workshops is to introduce people to tsumami zaiku and also enjoy while doing so. Despite all participants doing tsumami zaiku for the first time, their completed works shines with impressive creativity and amazing cheerfulness. Everyone did so well!!

As this is an anime and cosplay event, people in costumes attended the workshop sessions too.


Credits to cosplayers:
@horrorcossg as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
@banana.cos_ as Hayakawa Aki from Chainsaw Man
@_.cutie_melody._ as Becky from SPY X FAMILY
@joe_shmoe.cos as Gundham Tanaka from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

International Cosplayer Paris @paris.ae from UAE has such a beautiful smile on her face as she enjoys making tsumami zaiku. She is so proud of her completed work which is very gorgeous.



Famous Cosplayer Yui @yuikanan0203 from Japan is so excited to see tsumami zaiku, she wants to try it! She is such a sweet and kind person. It was a wonderful experience sharing tsumami zaiku with her.


Tsumami Zaiku is traditional Japanese craft that everyone can learn and enjoy. Regardless of species or alternate universes, no matter your age or occupation, tsumami zaiku can bring joy to everyone!

Let’s unite the worlds with love and tsumami zaiku!!

Juveina would like to thank the organiser of the Comics Art and Sci-Fi Expo for this valuable opportunity. Tickets for 23 & 24 September 2023 dates are still available for sale at http://ptix.at/PxIaAM .

Thank you very much also to Ms Tomomi Yamashita of Knot Japan (https://tsumami-kanzashi.com ) for being a great source of information and support.

Last but not least, Juveina would like to thank her lovely partner @kquaintsg who works tirelessly behind the scenes to endlessly support her dreams.

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