Tsumami kanzashi School Online is on New Year Sale!

Tsumami kanzashi School Online is on New Year Sale!

Are you interested in learning traditional tsumami zaiku?

Tsumami kanzashi School Online is a school that provides

many video lessons, on how to make various kinds of tsumami flowers.


It`s in English and we also added subtitles so you can easily understand.

There is a free trial lesson where you can learn the basic two types of

techniques, maru tsumami and ken tsumami.

There are one-shot lessons you can learn how to make many kinds of flowers, butterflies,

decoration for the new year, goldfish, snowflakes, etc.

For middle to advanced levels, there are Special lessons and Maiko kanzashi lessons!

There are also courses where you can learn how to make kanzashi, and this will be a path

to become a certified teacher!

All the Courses will be at a special discount during the New Year sale plus a gift of materials worth $20!

If you are willing to be a certified teacher, now is the time.

3 bundle course is at a special price with a habutae(Japanese fine silk fabric)gift.

If you want to learn Face to Face, you can learn at Asakusabashi, Tokyo!!

Take this opportunity to start learning the traditional method of tsumami zaiku!!

A special discount will be till January 31st, 2024!