To become a Tsumami zaiku Certified Teacher

There was a face-to-face workshop for the traditional tsumami zaiku workshop of ITA (International Tsumami zaiku Association).
They usually have online school but one of the students from Indonesia, came all the way to Tokyo to learn our traditional tsumami zaiku courses!

She had a passion to get an ITA Teacher’s certification and came all the way to meet us.

To apply the examination for the teacher’s certification, you need to take the Basic, Middle, and Advanced Course
and complete 7 works.

Since she only had three days to attend the lesson, it was not possible to finish all.

Traditional tsumami zaiku, we use starch glue. She started her lesson by using chirimen fabrics and the next step was using habutae (thin silk).

Making petals of the flowers, arranging petals to flower, assemble flowers to make a beautiful tsumami kanzashi is a lot of work. This is the “shichigosan” kanzashi (for 3 year old girl).

And this is an adult’s kanzashi using habutae fabric which will be more advanced level.

Other than these two kanzashi, she had finished  6 works in 3 days and this cannot be happening without her great effort and her passion to  learn hard and fast. To improve the skills, you need to pay attention and think about your creation and get tips to make it more beautiful.

If you are interested in learning the traditional technique of craftsman, you can either take an online lesson or come to Tokyo to take face to face lessons!

For the face to face lesson, contact!