Eva Harangozo

Eva Harangozo



I am Eva Harangozo, originally from Hungary but currently living in Germany. My journey with Japanese traditional craft, specifically Tsumami Zaiku, began during my three-year stay in Japan, where I had the privilege of immersing myself in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and traditions.

Having always harbored a deep appreciation for arts and crafts, my time in Japan provided me with invaluable experiences. I delved into the intricate world of kimonos, explored various fabrics, and learned about traditional dyeing and weaving techniques. The immersive experience extended to the realm of the tea ceremony, where I discovered the artistry of Japanese tea, even spending two weeks in Wazuka to learn about Japanese tea cultivation, production, history, and culture.

In pursuit of a deeper understanding, I attended Wagashi workshops to craft seasonal Japanese sweets to accompany matcha. My exploration also led me to discover Mizuhiki and Washi making, among other traditional crafts that captivated my interest.

Reasons you applied the teacher`s certification:

It was in January 2023 that I first encountered Tsumami Zaiku, and from the moment I attended my initial workshop, I was captivated by the joy of creation and the sense of relaxation it brought. Guided by a wonderful teacher, Tomomi, my love for Tsumami Zaiku blossomed.

My decision to pursue certification as a Tsumami Zaiku teacher stems from a desire to share this love and knowledge with like-minded individuals in Germany and elsewhere. Through teaching and engaging with the Tsumami Zaiku community, I hope to spread the beauty of this traditional craft and foster a deeper appreciation for Japanese culture here in Germany.

Thank you for welcoming me into this vibrant community, and I look forward to the journey ahead.