All about Tsumami

A wonderful world of Tsumami!

Tsumami" is a traditional technique for making petals, flowers, and birds and etc, for Kanzashi (ornamental hairpins).
Tsumami Kanzashi has been worn by women for about 200 years to match the kimono.
These days, it is worn at annual festivals, such as New Years, festival for 3 and 7 year-old girls, Coming of Age Day celebration, and wedding.

Enjoy the work of the Tsumami-masters and artists!  

The wonderful works of the master of the Tsumami will also be exhibited here.
We expect that it will be a great stimulus for your work creation.
Please refer to Masters by all means.

Let's try making Tsumami!

Making Tsumami is easy once you know the basics of how to fold, fix, and assemble it.
You can even create an original Tsumami based on your idea.
This website shows not only the methods, techniques, tools to make but also
fabrics, parts that shows it`s more attractive.

please refer to following pages  
1. fabrics
2. folding technics
3. methods
4. parts
5. tools

Enjoy Tsumami in your life!

Although it is a Japanese traditional craft, Tsumami can be used in various places.
You can use it for modern accessories like earrings, broochs and etc.

It also can be used in daily life such as interior decorations and table coordinating. It`s use has been spreading in various ways.

It all depends on your idea!

please refer to following pages  
    1. four seasons
    2. life style
    3. around the world