Tsumami zaiku online webinar, now on YouTube!

Tsumami zaiku online webinar was held on Nov. 28, presented by The Japan Foundation London.
Those of you who had missed the event, now, you can see Japan Foundation YouTube!

Webinar: The Art of the Pinch – A Lecture and Demonstration on Tsumami Zaiku (28th November 2020) – YouTube


Thank you to those of you who joined the webinar and also, special thanks to The Japan Foundation!

I was surprised to hear that more than 200 people joined the webinar and was so excited that people in the world “are” interested in Tsumami zaiku!

To prepare for this webinar I sincerely appreciate Cora Fung, the artist from UK, who joined the webinar talking about her activities and works, and also for introducing how to make “Hime-nori” (starch glue), since it`s difficult to get outside Japan.


How to make starch glue by Takara Crafts ↓
Nori Rice Glue: Make your own – Takara Crafts and Collectables

And I am grateful to Japanese artists who kindly shared photos of work for the presentation.

Ms. Aogiku

Ms. Etsuko Hirahara

Ms. Hiroyo Kurihara


Ms. nonoco

Ms. Seiko Hayashi


Ms. Rei Furuya

Thank you all for your cooperation!