Tsumami artist, Ms. Mayumi Kawamoto awarded a prize in the AJC Creators’ Contest.

The work of Ms.Mayumi Kawamoto was awarded a prize in the AJC Creators’ Contest.
She is tsumami zaiku artist, based in Spain and we previously interviewed her for an article.

Article about her

The AJC (Arts Japan Crafts) Creators Contest is a forum for expression and sharing the potential
of handicrafts in the coming age, with “the ability to realize handicrafts,” “stories that move people’s hearts,”
and “inspiration and interesting ideas” as the judging criteria.

Message from Ms. Kawamoto,

“I took a moment of the beautiful Japanese seasons and expressed it with the traditional craft of tsumami-zaiku.
The long-awaited arrival of spring and the hope for the future are expressed through the process of plum blossoms blooming.
From buds, to broken buds, and to plum blossoms blooming in full glory.
The plum tree is a significant figure, not only in its flowers but also in its branches,
and I tried to create a work that conveys a sense of strength while remaining the silence.
As if drawn by the nectar of the plum blossoms, “Mejiro”, (Japanese white-eye) flew in.
I focused on the color of their eyes and feathers, and how they grow.
I created this work with all my heart to express the momentary beauty of nature and the seasons.”

The exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.

【Exhibition outline】

AJC Creators collection 2021
Date: March 26th (fri) – March 30th (tue)
Time: 9:30am (first day from 1:00pm) – 5:30pm (last day till 12:00pm)
place: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 1F Exhibition room 2 https://www.tobikan.jp/en/guide/index.html
Admission: free