The Tsumami zaiku Artist “Kunkou”, Participated in “Salon Art Shopping Paris” 2021

The Tsumami-zaiku artist “Kunkou”, whom we interviewed before, participated in Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021, one of the leading art fairs in France, held from October 22 to 24.


Her original washi paper and tsumami-zaiku “Hana-akari” (flower lamp) and “Hana- shoji” are based on the traditional techniques of the Japanese craftsmen, while incorporating modern sensibilities.


This time, her concept of this work was ” The changing time”, which expresses the changing seasons in Japan, such as cherry blossoms in spring, willows in summer, snow and plum blossoms.
It is a work that expresses the changing of the seasons and the time that passes.



Title: Hana shoji/ Hana akari, "The Changing Time"
Size (Hana shoji) Double-sided impulse type round window shoji
Height 18cm x Width 35cm x Width 13cm 1 unit
(Hana akari) Battery-powered LED stone shape
Approx. 13cm in diameter x 11cm in height (3 units)
I am sure that the French people were impressed by the new form of tsumami zaiku, while still retaining elements of Japanese tradition.
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Interview of “Kunkou”