Eva Lalibert

Eva Lalibert

Artist name : Tsubaki komonoYA



I have a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language, Literature, and Culture and for as far as I can remember, I have always been interested in Asian garments and Japanese animation (without knowing it).

I encountered tsumami zaiku on my first trip to Japan in 2015 and had to wait until my third trip to Japan in 2018 to finally learn how to make tsumami zaiku, as I did not know what it was called.

In 2019, I went to a workshop and was taught by Tomomi Yamashita about the traditional way to make tsumami zaiku. On that day, I decided that I wanted to take a more intensive class in Japanese once I graduated from university, but then the covid situation happened and I now have a chronic disease (sciatica).

The International Tsumami zaiku Association was founded a bit later, and since Japan was not accessible I thought taking the courses might be a good way to dive back into the craft, and it turned out to be the most efficient therapy!

Reasons you applied for
the teacher’s certification:

Not everyone has the means to go to Japan and even if you can go, you might see some tsumami kanzashi in a shop, fall in love with this art, and not be able to do anything about it because you do not even know what it is called.

This is what happened to me years ago and it was really frustrating. If people from all over the world apply for the teacher’s certification, we might allow people to encounter this form of art and be able to spread information about it.

This is one of the reasons for which I applied: I do not want anyone to be as frustrated as I was, because back then I really wished someone was there to teach me everything there was to know about the amazing shichigosan kanzashi I saw.

The other reasons are that I wanted a goal to push myself to become better and make tsumami zaiku a lot more regularly, and that, as I mentioned earlier my chronic disease got better thanks to this. I hope that somehow people who also have one will come across this craft and get better too!