World wide Tsumami-zaiku Artist Vol.10 Ms. Cindy Ke

The famous Tsumami-zaiku artists will talk about their thoughts about Tsumami-zaiku.

The tenth Tsumami-zaiku Artist is Taiwanese artist Ms. Cindy Ke.


2010 – First time visited Japan,
was attracted by Japanese culture. Like the various kind of Tsumami-zaiku that great match with kimono.
2018 – Started working on Tsumami-zaiku and create a fan page on Facebook to record and publish every Tsumami-zaiku works.
2019 – Offer one-on-one workshops for social media fans.
2020 – Import used kimono and disassemble it for the material of Tsumami-zaiku. Continue to create/design Tsumami works till now.



Q1. How did you start working on Tsumami-zaiku? (Or did you get involved?)

I have loved hand-made since I was a child. I often get spiritual relaxation and healing from the hand-made. I also make accessories for myself or give them to friends to wear. Originally I was keen on making bows and beaded jewelry, but one day suddenly remembering that I could try to make the beautiful tsumami kanzashi that I had seen in Japan before. I tried to design it to suit everyday dress. My Tsumami-zaiku skills were enlightened by Kawarashiya-san. I watched many Tsumami-zaiku teaching videos and books of teacher Kawarashiya. I am very grateful to her and very happy that I can learn the Tsumami-zaiku craft by myself through various media.

Q2. What are your commitments to your work and what do you care about?

I am very concerned about the neatness of my work and the details of every production. I think rigor is the traditional Japanese cultural spirit, so I always follow the Tsumami-zaiku craft skill to make each of my Tsumami works. On the other hand, I hope that my works can show a person’s temperament and personality. I am very happy that many people like the color matching of my works.

Q3. What is the attractiveness of Tsumami-zaiku for you?

It can show the fabric another amazing appearance. Although there are small pieces of fabric, folding and pinching, it will show a variety of different types of works after assembling. It can present the aesthetic of a Tsumami-zaiku craftsman and the delicateness of his/her craftsmanship.

Q4. What do you think about the future possibilities of Tsumami-zaiku?

Tsumami-zaiku requires very simple materials, tools, and basic techniques, it can be made at any time and anywhere. So I think it is easy to promote in the future. On the other hand, due to time’s progress, Tsumami-zaiku’s design will add more modern elements to daily life, not only apply for hair accessories, but also for brooches, handbags, straw hats, and even doll accessories. I often call them western style Tsumami-zaiku.

Q5. What do you want to make in the future?

I have tried to disassemble my dress skirt and jeans then use the fabric of yarn and denim to make Tsumami-zaiku works. In the future, I will try to use various fabric materials for different works. In addition, I also want to make more dolls used Tsumami-zaiku accessories, it will enhance my design and hand-made ability.

Q6. How do you think you can use/arrange or deploy Tsumami-zaiku in your country?

There are many people in Taiwan who like Japanese culture and visit Japan often, they have a high acceptance of Japanese culture. At present, there are also many hand-made Tsumami-zaiku accessories for sale in Taiwan. But because I don’t like to make the same work repeatedly, so it has not been sold  so far. In the future, I would like to try to produce works of various design styles and publish them on my social media, so as to let more people know about this traditional Japanese culture. As for the long-term plan, there will be regular Tsumami-zaiku hand-made courses in the future in Taiwan.

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