The introduction of the Artist vol.18 Kohanabiyori

The famous Tsumami-zaiku artist will talk about their thoughts about Tsumami-zaiku.


2009 Started making tsumami kanzashi for my daughter
2010 Started activities under the trade name of Kohana Biyori.
(Participated in various events and orders, coming-of-age ceremony and wedding)
2015 Started tsumami zaiku class at SBS Fujieda and Numazu in Shizuoka
2018 Received Special Recognition Award in “Tsumami Kanzashi Design Award” sponsored by Tsumamizaiku Coordination Association.
2020 Started project “狐華火撚(こはなびより)” Konahabiyori, collaboration with fox mask.
2020 Become a certified teacher of Tsumamizaiku Coordination Association.

Q1. How did you start working on Tsumami-zaiku? (Or did you get involved?)

My daughter won the competition of “Sunpu Ochahime Grand Prix”,(promotion lady for green tea) and had to participates in many events wearing kimono. This opportunity made me thought of making her tsumami kanzashi by my self and I started to make it through trial and error.

Q2. What are your commitments to your work and what do you care about?

I try to create artistic works with originality and a sense of humor. When I am being offered to make tsumami kanzashi for coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings, I try to reproduce the pattern of the kimono, and take into account the needs and tastes of my clients

Q3. What is the attractiveness of Tsumami-zaiku for you?

I am fascinated by the infinite variety of expressions that can be created with a small square of cloth. The traditional techniques that have been cultivated over the years are wonderful, and I am attracted to the fact that Tsumami-zaiku can evolve more and more to fit the modern world.

Q4. What do you think about the future possibilities of Tsumami-zaiku?

I love tsumami kanzashi, but I think they would look wonderful as an interior decoration.

Q5. What do you want to make in the future?

– Tsumami-zaiku can be used for interior decoration.
– Traditional tsumami kanzashi
– Collaboration with a fox mask
– Tsumami-zaiku with a playful spirit.

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