The introduction of the Artist vol.10 “tsumamizaiku Fusahana”

The famous Tsumami-zaiku artist will talk about their thoughts about Tsumami-zaiku.


2013– Started making tsumami-zaiku.
2015– Attending in various exhibitions (Minnne Handmade Market, Handmade Japan Festival)
2016- Exhibited in “Hello Circus”, a handmade creator group sponsored by Japanese Talent “Chiaki”
2017– Workshop held at “Kasama House” (Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
2018– Lecture at NHK Culture Mito Class
   Published in clothing magazine “Soen”
   Exhibited in “Soen” Accessories Flea Market
   Won a special prize in “Tsumami Kanzashi Design Award” sponsored by Tsumami-zaiku Coordination Association
2019- Studied at “SATA tsumami” (Tsumami-ga)
   Work appeared in handicraft textbook “nice handmade” published by NHK

Ameba blog

Q1. How did you start working on Tsumami-zaiku? (Or did you get involved?)

I wanted to make a hair ornament that matched my daughter’s kimono for her coming of age day celebration. This spread by word of mouth and received orders for my friend’s daughters.

Q2. What are your commitments to your work and what do you care about?

My brand concept is “fun and cute”.

At the beginning, I was making normal Tsumami-zaiku hair ornaments, but the audition of “Hello Circus” organized by Chiaki (Japanese talent), that inspired me to move on to a work that pushed out my originality strongly. I was also strongly influenced by my friend’ knitting artist. “Samma-chan” (saury) caught the media’s eyes.

Q3. What is the attractiveness of Tsumami-zaiku for you?

Small square cloths can turn into to beautiful, delicate, interesting, and cute stuffs. Also it can be arranged to formal or casual by choice of the color and the cloth.

Q4. What do you think about the future possibilities of Tsumami-zaiku?

I think that the delicate and stylish sensibility that the Japanese have can be highly evaluated to overseas. This is a word I got from the editor of “Soen” (Japanese handicraft magazine), “We believe in diversity. I didn’t choose you if I couldn`t feel the diversity in your work.” There is a good chance that “Tsumami-zaiku equals kimono” can breakthrough and is widely incorporated as a fashion in everyday life. The movement has already begun.

Q5. What do you want to make in the future?

I want to make things different from other people, things which can be recognized that it is my work at a glance, and thing that is stylish.

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