Turning back on history of Tsumami

Beautiful historical work of art.

“Tsumami”, the origin of this “work of art” has long history about 200 years. It started as a hobby among court ladies in Kyoto, decorating small boxes and bags.

But subsequently formed into Tsumami-kanzashi which is mainly used by young geisha called Maiko. Tsumami-kanzashi was most popular during middle of Edo period was called “Hana-kanzashi” (flower kanzashi) in Kyoto.

Nowadays, Tsumami-kanzashi is only worn in special occasions such as “Shichigosan” (children`s seven-five-tree years olds celebration), “Seijinshiki” (the coming of age ceremony), wedding and etc.

This is one of the reason there are only dozen of artisans in Japan now. And therefore, we need to protect and inherit this beautiful tradition.

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