We provide customized tsumami workshop
  according to your schedule and your skill.
Try this great experience in TOKYO!

Our Tsumami workshop is a hands-on, special experience just for you.
You will learn everything you need to feel confident in your Tsumami making skills.

We have three types of workshop as shown below. Choose the workshop in accordance to your goal!
”Incredible! I never knew something so traditional and beautiful was something that I could create myself. I hope to do this again in the future. ” from Canada
"Instructor was very knowlegeable and friendly. Infact, would love to take more workshops. Very pleased!!!" from Hawaii

1.Experience traditional Tsumami craft
For beginners, who want to try out traditional way to make Tsumami.
✓Target skill level: Beginners
✓Activity time: 1h 30 min.
✓Items: "Shikishi" (Japanese wall decoration)
a. Small lecture about historical kanzashi,
traditional tools, and materials.
b. Learn how to make an accessory using
two basic techniques, “Maru-tsumami”
(round type figure) and “Ken-tsumami”
(sharp pointed figure).

2.Single lesson
For those who have decided the theme to learn. 1 theme is about 2 to 3 hours. It is also possible to take multiple themes.
✓Target skill level: Experienced person
✓Activity time: about 2 hours per lesson
✓Items: Depend on the lesson
✓Contents: Depend on the course
our course example;
---- Chrysanthemum kanzashi
----Fuji-sagari (Tsumami petals forming a Japanese wisteria) hair pin

3.Intensive course
It is a course where you can learn from basics to advanced level of Tsumami in four days. You can also adjust the schedule according to the length of your stay in Tokyo, so please inquire.
✓Target skill level: From beginners
✓Activity time:
     three-four days
     two-three lessons a day
     two-three hours per lesson
      Total of eight lessons
✓Items: Hair accessories, kanzashi,
     welcome board etc
✓Contents: Maru-tsumami, Ken-tsumami, double layers, adjusting heights, fuji-sagari (Japanese wisteria), chrysanthemum, 2 types of fabrics

If you have an interest,
please ask us from this contact form.
or mail to us!

Workshop is held mainly at Tokyo Asakusabashi

Tomomi Yamashita , Instructor

"Nice teacher and I learned how to make Tsumami step by step. Thanks so much and I enjoyed the class a lot:) "  from Hong Kong
”Everything was great! All the materials were ready and we moved efficiently through the steps. It`s awesome. I love learning traditional crafts!"  from Alaska